Tim Lenihan Proposes Bill for Group Hunting and Fishing Licenses
January 15, 2020
2020 Columbia River Salmon Agreement Abandons Protection Principles
February 18, 2020

A fisherman nets a spring chinook salmon while fishing on the Columbia River. Photo Courtesy of ODFW.


Northwest Steelheaders Submits Testimony on Columbia River Management Reform

O n February 1, Northwest Steelheaders submitted testimony to the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission concerning setbacks in lower mainstem Columbia River fisheries management reform policies. The testimony is a direct response to the March 2, 2019, decision by the commission to abandon two crucial principles that Northwest Steelheaders fought for in the reform policies:

1.) Improve the selectivity and conservation value of lower mainstem non-treaty commercial salmon fisheries through the replacement of gillnet fisheries with alternative mark-selective, live-release fisheries.

2.) Optimize the economic and social benefits to our region through the prioritization of recreational fisheries on the mainstem.

We encourage our supporters to provide their views directly to the Joint-State Columbia River Salmon Fishery Policy Review Committee (PRC) through this Public Comment Form.

You can read the full testimony by clicking the button below.