Hatching a Plan for Salmon Stewardship
November 29, 2022

Brian West Teaches How to Plunk at

the Bill Sherwood Memorial Plunking Clinic


By Brian West
January 26, 2023

T his video was done in partnership with ODFW and is my effort to share knowledge I didn’t have when I started fishing. It’s also me trying to become famous on YouTube, just kidding, maybe not.

One of the many of techniques I learned from the Northwest Steelheaders is plunking. I discovered it from a member named Bill Sherwood. Bill would bring people to the beach on Sauvies Island to try it out. He had a kind heart but his informal style and rickety plastic table sure left a lot to improve upon. With Bill’s passing I realized I could carry on the joy of teaching plunking to someone who had nothing to start from like myself.

I fished a lot when I was younger, but that was in the Northeast. Sometimes I would think about trying in Oregon, but the harsh landscape, huge fish and complicated regulations were daunting. Little of my experience would translate to the Pacific Northwest so I had to start from scratch.

How does someone with no family or mentors learn how to catch salmon or steelhead? What if you don’t have the money to hire a guide and, let’s be honest, how do you approach a sometimes intimidating fishing culture? I was fortunate to find the Northwest Steelheaders who would take anyone fishing with no judgements and openly share knowledge.

Like any introductory class, there’s more to plunking than what is shown. The hope is this might ignite a spark in you to discover the joy of being in the beautiful outdoors, relaxing in a chair, and waiting for your bell to ring. From the clinics the last few years I’ve received pictures of people catching fish from this knowledge. What else could you ask for in gratitude?

If you happen to see me sitting on the beach feel free to stop by and say hello. Maybe I’ll even share some more of the advanced tactics to help you land more fish.


The next plunking clinic is expected to be held in late March. We hope to see you there!

Please feel free to reach out to office@anws.org with any questions.