Morgan Parks

Oregon Education Manager

National Wildlife Federation

Born and raised in Oregon, Morgan received her B.S. in Natural Resources from Oregon State University. She has worked for multiple environmental organizations – all of which involved community education and engagement in stewardship activities. Since joining NWF in 2016, she has expanded preK-12 school and community education resources to connect kids and families to nature and outdoor programming. Her focus is Eco-Schools USA, Certified Wildlife Habitats and Schoolyard Habitats through the Garden for Wildlife program, monarch butterfly conservation, and salmon education initiatives such as Fish Eggs to Fry through Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife and NWF’s state affiliate, the Northwest Steelheaders.

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Education is a fundamental part of the Northwest Steelheaders, both for this generation and the next. Sharing the joy and passion of fishing while educating people of all ages about the importance of healthy watersheds and healthy fish will help ensure that fish will always have advocates in the Pacific Northwest.

Our Programs

Family Fishing Events

Hooked on Family Fishing is a fun-filled day where families learn fishing skills together at a scenic camp along the Sandy River. Kids and adults can fish a stocked pond, play games, plan their next fishing adventure and participate in angler education and activities.

Fish Eggs to Fry Program

Fish Eggs to Fry brings salmon or trout eggs into Oregon classrooms for students to observe and raise while learning about one of our state’s most significant keynote species.

Garden for Wildlife: Certified Wildlife Habitats

We recognize that in order to ensure thriving populations of fish for future generations, we need to protect the habitat upon which these species depend. Save our fish — certify your backyard, school grounds, places of worship, business, and community spaces today!