Boots on the Ground

Volunteers are vital in making it possible for us to advance our education and policy goals. At the chapter level, volunteers provide thousands of hours per year to protect and restore our fisheries. If you are already a member, you can volunteer for our programs, events, and office needs. Once you fill out the volunteer form, a volunteer coordinator will be in touch with further details.

After volunteering, please fill out one of the two volunteer tracking forms below. If you helped host or lead an event, please fill out the Event Hours tracking form. If you volunteered as an individual or with a small group, not associated with an event, please fill out our Volunteer Hours tracking form.

Thank you for tracking your hours, it really helps us show the value of the Steelheaders volunteer work to the community and our partners.

If you have any questions on becoming a volunteer or tracking the volunteer hours for you or your group, please email us at office@anws.org


Volunteer Opportunities

Events & Fundraising

• Family Fish Camp (March)

• Hall of Fame Auction & Banquet (November)

• Fish Eggs to Fry (Mid-October & Early February)

• Fishing Clinics

• Fish-a-longs

• Veteran's Events

• Fishing Tournaments

• Pint nights

Citizen Science

• Stream surveys

• Redd counts

• Presence/absence survey

• Invertebrate surveys

Habitat Restoration

• Invasive plant removal

• Planting native vegetation

• Nutrient enhancement

River Cleanups

River cleanups occur twice per year, are chapter-lead, and in collaboration with Keep Oregon Green. Contact your chapter leaders for more information.

Clackamas River Ambassador

We're working with We Love Clean Rivers to help form a team of River Ambassadors who serve as stewards of the Clackamas River. Volunteers are motivated to improve visitor experiences, communicate river conditions, and encourage river stewardship and safety. They welcome local park visitors by answering questions and serve as the friendly face of the local and recreational community. River Ambassador volunteers will be stationed Saturdays and Sundays at popular river access points in Barton, Carver, and Milo McIver State Park. All River Ambassadors must complete a 4 hour, free training. Learn more...

Improving Public Access

Members work to improve and maintain boat ramps and parks to secure safe public access to our waters.

Hatchery Production

• Collect broodstock in order to provide a better hatchery product with a lower risk of genetic issues in wild spawned fish

• Monitor and operate weirs that prevent hatchery fish from reaching wild fish spawning sanctuaries

• Fin clipping to help distinguish hatchery fish from wild fish

• The Emerald Empire chapter operates a volunteer hatchery under ODFW supervision.