Columbia River Management Reform

Removing Gillnets From the Columbia River

The Columbia River Management Reform initiated by the governor and approved by the legislature would have gillnets removed from the main stem Columbia River. However, The Oregon and Washington Fish and Wildlife Commissions are once again considering proposals to backtrack on the promises made to recreational anglers as part of the original Columbia River Reform Policy Agreement. We support full implementation of the original agreement, including the commitments to:

(a) replace gillnets on the mainstem with alternative mark-selective gear (that will allow the live release of wild salmon and steelhead) and

(b) the agreed-to recreational angler priorities on the mainstem.

Sport anglers have been supporting the implementation of the agreement, which includes enhanced off-channel harvest areas for commercial fishers, with millions of dollars in extra fees we paid through the Columbia River Endorsement.

We encourage our members and supporters to provide their views directly to the Commissions through the following link: