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Fall 2020 Communications Intern Ben Kayser Reflects on his Experience with Northwest Steelheaders

By Ben Kayser, Former Digital Content & Communications Intern
February 1, 2021

M y experience as the Digital Content and Communications Intern at Northwest Steelheaders was nothing short of transformative. This opportunity helped me translate in-class knowledge to real-world working experience. I developed critical skills that I’ll carry forward into my future work in marketing and organizational communications, including social media management and engagement, content creation, and more.

I have been an angler my entire life. I grew up on fishing stories from my Grandpa Art and my dad that instilled a sense of wonder in me. But as I grew older and more aware, I learned that many of those stories of massive fish come from a past that can seem out of reach today. Working as a Northwest Steelheaders intern has underscored the importance of fisheries conservation for me. I’ve seen the power of the angling community. When we organize together and face issues with a unified front, our ability to enact change is amazing. Although the issues salmon and steelhead face are numerous, we’re taking important steps as an organization to protect them.

Northwest Steelheaders was my first exposure to the world of non-profit conservation. It opened my eyes to how important it is that we prioritize our fragile resources and the people who depend on them. It opened my eyes to the possibility of working in service to local fisheries. Every day my work was fulfilling because I knew that each assignment was in service to Northwest Steelheaders’ mission to conserve salmon and steelhead. I am honored to have been able to work with Northwest Steelheaders this past fall.