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Tualatin Valley Plunking Clinic


This is not a "guided event. All the folks who attend are regular anglers and not professional guides. Some angling experience and equipped are necessary.

Angler registration, current Steelheader member: $40

Angler registration, non-member: $70

Membership is included with a non-member ticket.

NOTE: If funds are tight, please don’t hesitate to ask for help. Scholarships are available. Contact us at The clinic always sells out so send your request quickly.

Meet at: Gillihan Layover Terrace, Portland, OR 97231

Registration includes:

- Hands-on lecture sessions that will cover gear, techniques, locations, run timing, and more.

- Questions and answers.

- Various freebies from ODFW, Northwest Steelheaders, and fishing vendors.

- Basic Springer Plunking tackle setup (mainline down).

- Lunch will be provided.

- Experienced anglers to help you with your needs.

- The chance to fish from the bank with an experienced angling coach or on your own.

- We will have a few extra rods and holders. If you don't have any gear, don't be shy. Sign up and come any way! You may have to share, but we will teach you how to cast so you are ready when you get your own gear.

Registration is open now for all participants.

Registration Closes: Thursday, March 28th

Refunds will be in accordance with ANWS Refund Policy. A full refund (less transaction fees) will be provided if the participant cancels more than 7 days prior to the event. Other refunds will be considered and are at the discretion of the Event Coordinators.

Clinic Schedule

Saturday, March 30th


- Arrival, set up, registration and check-in.


- Plunking basics talk.


- Depart Park and Ride for Walton Beach.


- Arrive at Walton Beach, along NW Reeder Road. Set up and fish. Our Clinic Leaders will be available to help with questions, tips, and tricks.


- Or thereabouts, lunch will be served!

What to Bring

- Current Oregon Angling license with Salmon/Steelhead tag and Columbia River Basin endorsement.

- BARBLESS hooks

- A long, heavy rod with matched reel suitable for salmon. If you have fishing gear for Springer Plunking, bring it.

- Rod holder, suitable to secure in sand. /p>

- A bell to secure to your rod.

- We will provide a basic plunking tackle set up for participants. Bring your own or use what we provide.

- Bring your rain and cold weather gear, boots, camp chair, porta-shelter, and waders if you have them. Event is rain or shine so be prepared!

- Water, snacks, camera, and a good attitude.

There will be some extra gear and raffle tickets for sale. Please bring cash if you would like to purchase some.

**ODFW Wildlife Area Parking Permit is REQUIRED**

Click here to learn about ODFW Wildlife Area Parking Permits

Places near Sauvie Island to purchase your ODFW Wildlife Area Parking Permit:

The Cracker Barrel Store – 15005 N. W. Sauvie Island Road

Reeder Beach RV Country Store – 26048 N. W. Reeder Road

7-11 Convenience Store – 11310 NW St Helens Rd (off Island)

Make Your Own Plunking Rig

2 - Duolock snaps, salmon sized (1 for end of mainline, 1 for weight, Size 4)

1 - Swivel, salmon sized (Size 3)

1 - 3-Way Swivel or upgrade to 1 plunking spreaders

2 - Beads (6mm work great)

1 - Spin N Glo - Size 2s (anything with chrome, green, orange, or chartreuse is good)

1 - Size 2/0 or 3/0 barbless hook

1 - 8 oz pyramid sinker (you may want a few different weights depending on river current flow)

25lb leader

20lb leader

15lb leader

Note: To make it a double setup you just add 36" of 25lb leader between spreaders and repeat.

Tides and Sun at Columbia River, Knapp Landing

Saturday, March 30th

Low tide:

3:45am (0.75ft)

High tide:

9am (3.24ft)

Low tide:

5:30pm (0.75ft)

About Tualatin Valley Chapter

The Tualatin Valley Chapter of the Northwest Steelheaders are a group of anglers unified in their dedication to the conservation of Steelhead and Salmon Populations in Oregon. We provide active, hands-on events to teach all people about fishing and watershed conservation. While much of our focus is on Steelhead and Salmon in the Pacific Northwest, our members are interested in and target most any species and fishing technique. Follow us on Facebook!


File a trip plan with your loved ones. Tell them your expected departure and return times, and where you will be.

Please provide an emergency contact to the event organizers.

Wear your safety belt if you have waders.

This event is rain or shine, so watch weather forecasts and be prepared!