On August 4th, join us for a Pint Night at Hopworks Urban Brewery at 6pm. Meet other Steelheaders and learn about the dire need for a salmon recovery plan that restores a free-flowing lower Snake River. Salmon don’t have any more time to wait: beloved Chinook and B-run steelhead runs across Oregon, Washington, and Idaho will start to go extinct in the next five years.

We will have postcards for you to send your representatives in Washington + Oregon and banners for you to use during our boat Rally for the River on August 7th on the Willamette River between the Morrison and Burnside bridges near the Portland waterfront at 1:30pm. We printed 30 vinyl 6’ x 3’ vinyl banners for folks. Reserve a banner for your boat! Reserve a banner for your boat here!

The pint night is where you can pick up your banner and learn more about the need to restore a free-flowing lower Snake River. We can’t wait to see you all there!

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