Fish Eggs to Fry

Raising Salmon Stewards in the Classroom

Through Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s (ODFW) Salmon and Trout Enhancement Program (STEP), Fish Eggs to Fry brings salmon or trout eggs into 800+ Oregon classrooms for students to observe and raise, while learning about one of our state’s most significant keystone species. The Association of Northwest Steelheaders coordinate with ODFW to assist with setting up aquarium equipment, delivering eggs to classrooms, and introducing students to the importance of fish conservation.

Across the Portland metro region, students of all grade levels transform into scientists in their own classroom laboratories. Students and educators foster the development of the fish from eggs to fry, perform water quality tests, and incorporate salmon into their science, math, social studies, and even art curriculum.

Throughout this process, the children develop a personal relationship to salmon species, sparking a lifelong investment in wildlife conservation.

Northwest Steelheaders owns more than 100 of the aquariums and chillers used by local classrooms in the Portland-Metro area, and support teachers further by providing curricular resources, classroom presentations, technical support, and assistance with fry release day events. Watch this video below to learn more about Fish Eggs to Fry in Oregon.

We have altered our program for the 2020-21 school year to reflect distance learning guidelines.

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Interested in Bringing Fish Eggs to Fry to Your Classroom?

If you are interested in starting the Fish Eggs to Fry program at your school, begin by reading the information on ODFW’s website and contacting your region’s STEP Biologist. ODFW will be able to provide the most accurate information regarding equipment and the project timeline. The Association of Northwest Steelheaders does not currently provide schools with aquarium equipment, so the best way to get started is to contact ODFW and purchase your own equipment.

For questions regarding the Steelheader’s involvement with the program, contact our Education and Outreach Coordinator at

Earn an Eco-Schools USA Award for your School!

The Association of Northwest Steelheaders, in partnership with the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), is here to help classrooms in the Portland-Metro region expand their involvement in the Fish Eggs to Fry program. Learn more about this unique Salmon Stewards partnership in Oregon.

If you are a new or current Fish Eggs to Fry educator, your school can earn an Eco-Schools USA award by participating in the Fish Eggs to Fry Eco-Schools WOW Audit and Action Plan! This Audit and Action Plan provides a framework for Fish Eggs to Fry activities, engages the school community, and recognizes students for their commitment to local fish and wildlife. In addition, the accompanying Appendix of Resources provides curriculum resources, field trip locations, funding resources, and more. Both documents are available as a PDF or Word document (at request). Schools working on the Audit and Action Plan may inquire about the following support: hands-on classroom presentations, assistance with release day events, step-by-step guidance, and other resources.

Contact our Education and Outreach Coordinator at for more information.