STS Articles


One of the Steelheaders’ outstanding business supporters is Amato Publications and Salmon Trout Steelheader magazine. Northwest Steelheaders regularly contributes to STS, and below are examples of the those articles.

Good Columbia River Fishing Delivered by Spill, Oct.-Nov. 2013, by Norm Ritchie

Making Goals a Reality, June-July 2013, by Sam Wurdinger

Family Day on the Clackamas, April 2013, by Dan Drazan

Something’s Fishy with Coal Experts, Dec. 2012, by Nic Callero

Protect the Bait, Oct.-Nov. 2012, by Norm Ritchie

River Ambassador Program, May 2012, by Russell Bassett

Anglers Unit Against Pebble Mine, Jan. 2012, by Russell Bassett

Deschutes River Reintroduction, Oct.-Nov. 2012, by Tom Davis and Russell Bassett


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