Cover Summer 2014Why should you advertise in The Northwest Steelheader?

Reach the most serious anglers
When you advertise, you need to reach the folks who are most likely to buy your products. You could run an ad in The Oregonian and reach hundreds of thousands of people—but how many of them have even a passing interest in your products? The Northwest Steelheader reaches the very people you need to reach: the most successful anglers, the ones most likely to become your customers.Our quarterly magazine goes to roughly 5,000 people four times a year.

Steelheaders are serious about fishing.
The people who belong to the Northwest Steelheaders fish often and are always ready to try the newest tackle and techniques. They take others fishing and teach them about all the ways to be successful. Steelheaders take fishing very seriously and buy lots of tackle, rods, and in many cases, more than one boat.

Steelheaders are passionate about fish.
As much as they love to spend as many days fishing as possible, you’ll often find Steelheaders donating volunteer time to enhance fisheries, improve fish habitat, or strengthen their organization. Because Steelheaders are so very passionate about fish, they recognize that the companies that advertise in The Northwest Steelheader are also passionate about fish and their habitats. They understand that advertisers make The Northwest Steelheader possible, and they will buy your products.

Advertising in The Northwest Steelheader is inexpensive and easy.
Rates are reasonable. If you haven’t done a lot of advertising or need an ad targeted at this audience, we will prepare your ad at no cost to you. If you are just starting out and need a logo, we can design one for you at extremely competitive rates. Call today. Let us walk you through the process and help you increase your sales. Contact Joyce Sherman, (503) 319-5325 or outreach coordinator (at) anws (dot) org to reserve space in the next issue of The Northwest Steelheader.