It’s never been a better time to be a Steelheader! What an exciting time to be part of the Pacific Northwest’s longest-standing fish group. Whether you’ve been involved for 40 years, four years or four months, be proud to be a Steelheader.

Looking back on our 50-plus year history, you will see incredible achievement and leadership by the Steelheaders to improve salmon and steelhead runs, protect their habitats, and enhance fishing opportunity. The real (or reel) highlights of the Steelheaders are the fishing experiences you have with family, friends, or by yourself. That’s why Steelheaders do what we do. Our Government Affairs Team is in the trenches with politicians, our chapters are leading volunteer activities, and our grassroots organizers are raising public support, because we love the sport of angling, care about the fish we catch, and want to be able to pass that fishing heritage on to our children and grandchildren.

We offer many ways to support the Steelheaders, including Membership, Donations, Fundraising Events, Estate Planning, and Advertising.

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