Helping Raíces a Alas in Molalla

Helping Raíces a Alas in Molalla Each fall and winter, dedicated Steelheader volunteers deliver salmon eggs to classrooms around the Portland area through Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Fish Eggs to Fry Program. Students observe and learn about salmon lifecycles and riparian habitats before releasing fry into rivers to begin their journey to the

Making Connections

Making Connections There are many reasons why people join the Northwest Steelheaders. There are many longtime members, and some may even remember the original reason the Steelheaders were formed: To remove commercial harvest from the Columbia. When I originally joined, my goal was to learn how to catch fish. I had found on the ODFW

Conserve our Yaquina Bay Herring

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  Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission Re: Directed Roe Fishery for Herring, Yaquina Bay Chair Finley, members of the commission and Director Melcher, My name is Bob Rees, Executive Director for the Association of Northwest Steelheaders. You may be aware that the Steelheaders have been working on preserving stocks of forage fish for nearly 7

Free the Snake Public Hearings

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Bonneville Power Administration, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and U.S. Bureau of Reclamation will have hearings seeking public input to develop a new plan to save endangered wild salmon and steelhead in the Columbia and Snake Rivers in the Pacific Northwest. The new process comes as the result of a U.S. District Court ruling last

ODFW Proposes Abandoning Significant Aspects of Columbia River Reforms

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ODFW Proposes Abandoning Significant Aspects of Columbia River Reforms ODFW has proposed abandoning key parts of the Columbia River Reform package prior to its scheduled full implementation in 2017. The Steelheaders and other recreational fishing and industry groups are strongly opposed to ODFW’s efforts, and we need Steelheader members to make their voices heard before

New Board Members

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  New Board Members!   This past summer we elected four members to our Steelheader board, Brian McLachlan as our Vice President of Conservation, Stevie Parsons to the newly established Diversity and Inclusion position, Tom Vanderplaat agreed to fill the vacant Membership position, and Aaron Bento is now our Communications Director. The most exciting thing