Eggs To Fry

Steelheaders Supports our Schools

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Steelheaders are committed to expanding ODFW’s Fish Eggs to Fry program to connects kids at early age with salmonids by allowing students to raise salmon or trout in a classroom aquarium. We own more than 100 of these aquariums and chillers in local schools and provide volunteers to deliver eggs to the classroom and to help with releasing fry. Steelheaders recently completed a project in cooperation with ODFW Salmon and Trout Enhancement Program to provide more support for Eggs to Fry by making it easier for volunteers to be involved in the program. The project created interactive materials and videos to help volunteers familiarize themselves with the  program and to interact meaningfully with classroom students as they learn  about the importance of salmonids to the ecosystem and economy.


Grant’s Getaways on KGW discussing Eggs to Fry.

A short overview of ODFW’s Eggs to Fry Program for Oregon classrooms
Learn how to volunteer in Oregon classrooms by setting up a standard Eggs to Fry aquarium.
Learn how to set up alternative Eggs to Fry aquariums in Oregon classrooms
Learn how to set up a small Eggs to Fry aquariums using a wine chiller.
Regardless of the setup volunteers and teachers find that Eggs to Fry aquarium maintenance is easy.
There are many ways to get eggs into the classroom.  Teachers and volunteers will learn how to get students involved in the process.
Example of how volunteers and teachers can get students involved in releasing Fry at the end of the Eggs to Fry program.

For a full PDF version of the Eggs to Fry Volunteer Guide please open the link below.