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Tell Gov. Brown – Stand Firm on Salmon Recovery!

Electrical association pressures Oregon Governor Brown to abandon Columbia River salmon and steelhead recovery measures. Despite tens of millions of dollars invested on habitat restoration, significant reforms and reductions of hatchery releases, and associated decreases in tribal, commercial and recreational harvests, Columbia River salmon and steelhead are still in trouble. The main reason in one

ODFW Commission; Gillnets Forever

Can You Hear Us Now? In another betrayal of promises the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission once again discarded the intent of the Columbia River Reform package, locking anglers out of all that we paid for, what we sacrificed for, and what we were promised. On Friday afternoon, commissioners voted unanimously to adopt the staff

Steelheaders Deliver Letter to Governor Brown

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Accompanying this letter, the Association of NW Steelheaders presents a petition signed by 5,891 citizens requesting you to: (1) Direct the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission to commit to full implementation of the Columbia River salmon fisheries reform plan and to enact regulations consistent with the policies recently adopted by the state of Washington; and

Governor Brown Sends Letter to ODFW Commission on Columbia River Reforms

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PORTLAND, Ore. February 9, 2017 —Governor Kate Brown called the January 20 Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission’s decision abandoning the Columbia River Fisheries Reform Plan “confusing”, “untenable”, and not “acceptable.” Governor Brown gave the commission until April 3 to change its decision and to “honor the commitments” made in the Reform Plan.

Governor Brown – Please Keep Your Promise

Governor Brown – Please Keep Your Promise By now, sportanglers invested in the future of fishing in the mainstem Columbia have heard about the  Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission’s vote on January 20th to abandon the bi-state Columbia River salmon fisheries reform plan. The Commission’s decision has sport fishers OUTRAGED, and rightfully so! Against the


BETRAYED! We as sport anglers are shocked and outraged at the decision last evening by the ODFW Commission. Led by Governor Brown’s appointments, the Commission voted 4-3 to abandon the bi-State Columbia River salmon fishing reform plan and put the interests of a few hundred part-time gillnet operators above over 400,000 of sport anglers. The