We are very thankful for our outstanding supporters.

















Foundations and Partners

Lazar Foundation, National Wildlife Federation, Pew Charitable Trusts, ODFW Salmon and Trout Enhancement Advisory Committee, ODFW Restoration & Enhancement, Saling Foundation, Salmonid Foundation, Wild Salmon Center.

Alten Sakai & Co., B.C. Angling Post, Bruce Belles, Cabelas, Richard Cassar, D&G Bait, Fisherman’s Marine and Outdoors, Joe Domenico Farmers Insurance Agency, Jim Irvine, Norm & Joli Ritchie, North Fork Composites, Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association, Plano Molding, River Graphics, Steven’s Marine, Yakima Bait.

Dutch Baughman, Gary Benson, Dan Drazan, Nicholas Dolja, Virginia Eddy, Ian Fergusson, Willy Fox, Jack Glass, Kershaw, Yancy Lind, Bill Miller, Oregon Fishing Club, Orvis, Penhollow Promotions, Dean Pierce, Brad Staples, Trevor Storlie, Tradewinds on the Bay, Mike Winkler, Wright & McGill

Allen Marine Center, Gary Benson, Margie Beaudoin, Rod Brobeck, Jay Burris, Doug Caven, Art Chandler, Chad Clement, Joe Domenico, Doogie Douglass, Jim Doyle, Rancis Estalilla, EZ Marine, Jan Fourier, Charles Garcia, Andrew Gianopoulos, Vaden Green, Tim Heintz, Thomas Hendrickson, Gerald Hoefer, Dennis Hurford, Gary Kish, Skip Klarquist, Allen Koester, Yancy Lind, Walter McGovern, Kenneth Morikado,  Ron Mundt, Jeff Nicol, George Okulitch, Robin Olson, Springdale Tavern, Steve Packer, Daniel Pebbles, Phil Pirone, Bob Rees, Gary Shelton, Charles Spear, Jeff Stoeger, Jim Taber, Michael Tate, Tom Posey Co., Colonel Thomas, Trokar, Tom Vanderplaat, Don Watson, Weston Kia, Jim Zelenka.

Members and Friends
Thank you also to the many, many people (too many to list) who paid their membership dues, purchased items at the auction, donated items, attended a Steelheaders’ event, advertised in the magazine, purchased raffle tickets, and/or volunteered their time and effort.