Tell Gov. Brown – Stand Firm on Salmon Recovery!

Electrical association pressures Oregon Governor Brown to abandon Columbia River salmon and steelhead recovery measures.

Despite tens of millions of dollars invested on habitat restoration, significant reforms and reductions of hatchery releases, and associated decreases in tribal, commercial and recreational harvests, Columbia River salmon and steelhead are still in trouble. The main reason in one word – dams.

That’s why in March, 2017, Federal District Judge Simon ruled that Columbia River federal dam operators weren’t doing enough to save threatened and endangered salmon on the Columbia River. Based on the recommendation of fisheries scientist – including biologists at ODFW – he instructed dam operators to release a sufficient amount of water in the spring to allow juvenile salmon and steelhead to successfully migrate to the ocean. The State of Oregon, along with a coalition including Native American tribes, and conservation and fishing organizations (including the Association of NW Steelheaders) urged the judge to take this action in order to give juvenile salmon and steelhead a fighting chance to make it past the labyrinth of dams on the Columbia River that impede this critical stage of their lifecycle.

But now, an association of electrical co-ops is pressuring Oregon’s Governor Brown to abandon the state’s support for Columbia River salmon recovery in favor of maximizing profits for electrical utilities.

This news release from the Save Our Wild Salmon Coalition (Steelheaders is a member) explains the electrical association’s efforts in more detail.

The Steelheaders have fought for 2 decades to ensure better management of the hydropower system, which is largely responsible for the depletion of our salmon runs. It’s up to us to make sure Governor Brown knows that this legacy of conservation is critically important to keep us on the water, and more importantly, to help ensure a strong pathway for endangered Columbia Basin salmon and steelhead stocks to recover.

Please join Steelheaders and others who care about Columbia River salmon and steelhead in asking Governor Brown to stand firm in support of Columbia River salmon recovery, and to resist attempts by the electrical industry to undermine the conservation measures deemed necessary by Judge Simon and fisheries scientist at ODFW and elsewhere.

Go HERE to take action!

Thank you for all you do for fish!

Bob Rees
Executive Director
Association of Northwest Steelheaders

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